Club Almoner

Firstly, what is an Almoner exactly?

Well, an Almoner is a member of the committee who is appointed to look after the rest of us, who can likened and thought of as the clubs Welfare Officer.

He is charged with many vital responibilities centring on and emcompassing the Health and Welbeing of each of our members and their families. Here are some examples of what our Almoner may deal with, but this list is not exhaustive:

  • Keeping in contact with members who are ill or in care of any kind
  • Contacting and supporting members at time of bereavement.
  • Providing a point of contact and support to members in need
  • Supporting and assiting members in times of hardship
  • keeping the chairman and wider committee informed of how the members are, while of course observing the members privacey.

For more information on charity or to contact the club Almoner. Please contact us on

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